Plan for the future of the FCI

With a little over a century of history behind it, the FCI has a very promising future. I believe in this future, I believe in the FCI and I feel sure that in our hearts we know that, for the FCI, the best is still to come.

I have a vision of what the FCI should represent in the future, for every member country, for every breeder, for every competitor and for every dog owner. I see the FCI as a frontline organisation, which sets the tone for discussion in the international dog community, with a spirit of openness, in an atmosphere of intellectual dialogue and as a global brand which looks to the best interests of dogs and their owners worldwide.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
Interview with Mr Barberi Franco, exhibitor and handler of the Labrador Retriever winner of Group VIII
© Karl Donvil
Barberi Franco

Is it your first time in Budapest? Were you here in 2008?

Yes, I was here in 2008 and ended RES Best In Show.

In your opinion, is this show better than the 2008 edition?

Personally, it is too early for me to say. Last time it was RES BIS, but for now I have only won BOB. I need to see this afternoon in the main ring.

And with regard to the organisation?

Much better than 2008, easy for the exhibitors; last time it was terrible with so much rain and traffic.

How high are your expectations this time, and especially after you won also RES BIS at Crufts?

The most important is winning the breed and anything more is just extra. And that is what makes me already very happy.

Thank you Mr Barberi!

Interview by Karl Donvil.