Plan for the future of the FCI

With a little over a century of history behind it, the FCI has a very promising future. I believe in this future, I believe in the FCI and I feel sure that in our hearts we know that, for the FCI, the best is still to come.

I have a vision of what the FCI should represent in the future, for every member country, for every breeder, for every competitor and for every dog owner. I see the FCI as a frontline organisation, which sets the tone for discussion in the international dog community, with a spirit of openness, in an atmosphere of intellectual dialogue and as a global brand which looks to the best interests of dogs and their owners worldwide.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
Four exciting days at the World Dog Show 2013

The 2013 FCI World Dog Show saw purebred dog enthusiasts from 5 continents, with some 18,000 dogs representing 371 breeds, descend upon the sprawling Hungexpo Fair Center in Budapest. Clear blue skies and Eukanuba's trademark shade of pink provided a colourful backdrop for an exciting 4 days of competition and camaraderie among dog fanciers from around the world.

The World Dog Show on your home screen
If you couldn't make it, the show's proceedings were able to be enjoyed from the comfort of home! Live-streaming of the main ring including groups, junior handling and the World Challenge European finalist event were available for free on the Eukanuba website. Combined with Mike Bloxsome's ringside interviews, it was the next best thing to actually being in Budapest! There is even the chance to catch up on the company's official Youtube channel because the group judging and the interviews from Budapest will be available on

Adjacent to the bustling main ring was the 300 sq. metre Eukanuba trade stand, which became a popular meeting point throughout the week. Its prime location not only offered front row viewing for all the group ring action but the chance for weary travelers to replenish their energy in a fun and entertaining space surrounded by friends and familiar faces.

One friendly face that particularly stood out for Best in Show judge Dr Tamas Jakkel was that of Ch Bottom Shaker's My Secret, the gregarious Old English Sheepdog from Hungary who was declared top dog in Sunday night's finale! Runner-up was the graceful Finnish Lhasa Apso CH Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice, whose sleek golden tresses sharply contrasted the Bobtail's bohemian style. Much to the joy of the brand both Jimmy and Elviira are fed on Eukanuba!

Best In Show

Getting ready for Orlando
The race for the 2013 Eukanuba World Challenge can officially be declared underway since Budapest as the four groups along with their country and non-geographic designations were defined on the third day of the World Dog Show in Budapest. Joining together to help in the selection process were four of the dog world's most prominent international figures. New FCI President Mr Rafael de Santiago and the American Kennel Club's Mr Ron Menaker, along with Hungarian KC President Mr Andras Korosz and Show Chairman of the Eukanuba World Challenge Jose-Luis Ibáñez were given the task of the official drawing. The results were as follows:

  • Group 1- Russia, China, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, North America, Philippines, France, and Thailand
  • Group 2- Winner FCI Asia/Pacific, Japan, European Qualifier 2, Denmark, Portugal, USA AENC BIS, UK BIS Winning Team, Switzerland, Belgium, WDS BIS, and Puerto Rico
  • Group 3- Sweden, Taiwan, Mexico, Hungary, WKC BIS, Norway, Brazil, UK, Spain, Winner FCI Europe, and Austria
  • Group 4- Germany, Winner FCI Americas/Caribbean, South Africa, European Qualifier 1, New Zealand, S Korea, Canada, Malaysia, Argentina, Indonesia, and Ireland

On the third day in Budapest, a special event was held to select the 2 European Qualifiers who would go forward to compete at the EWC Final. Respected international judge Mr Laurent Pichard of Switzerland had the enjoyable job of evaluating 17 of Europe's best show dogs, and after careful consideration found his winners to be the Bracco Italiano from Malta CH Ciclone, and the black and white Phalene from Latvia named CH Magic Sunrise Great Gentleman. Again, both dogs are fed on Eukanuba! The wins entitled both dogs and their respective owners to an expenses-paid trip to Orlando, Florida in December!

Bringing dogs and their people together
To successfully orchestrate an event of this proportion requires countless months of hard work and planning. Mr Andras Korozs, president of the Hungarian Kennel Club, had the challenging role of main organiser and by all accounts he and his team accomplished their goal in great style!

The WDS in Budapest managed effectively to balance the glamour of an international competition with the accessibility required to make the experience pleasant for dogs, exhibitors and spectators alike. Those who attended will surely be left with wonderful memories of a well-organised and thoughtfully conducted show.

EWC European Qualifying winners

Bringing dogs and their people together is what the world of dog show is all about, and the evolving collaboration between Eukanuba and the FCI continues to make that world a more enjoyable place to be!

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